In the spring of 2024, Sts. Anne and Joachim started a women’s Bible study and faith sharing group. We are always looking for both group leaders and participants. Frequency and days of the week will be worked out depending on small group leader interest and availability

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Five Core Values of Walking with Purpose

  1. Loving Women to Christ: Walking with Purpose leaders are known for their outpouring of love for women. Too many women in our Church are struggling, lonely, aimless, and leaving the Church. We must encounter women where they are and meet them with mercy. The best evangelizers are women who are passionate about their faith but not judgmental or dogmatic. We don’t condemn and instead issue an invitation to come, drop the mask, and encounter radical love.

  2. Fearless Positivity: We display fearless positivity in the face of a morally relativistic culture. Instead of focusing on all that is wrong in the Church, we celebrate what is right. We frame the conversation so that God’s call for our obedience is not seen as a way in which our freedom is limited but rather the means by which we can truly flourish.

  3. Bold Humanity: In the spirit of our patron saint, Thérèse of Lisieux, we celebrate our littleness while dreaming big with God. Saint Thérèse said that at the end of her life, she would stand before Christ with empty hands, not asking Him to count her works. She knew that all the good within her was purely the gift of grace. But she also aspired to sanctity and boldly claimed that when she got to heaven, she would send down a shower of roses. Walking with Purpose leaders strive to emulate this spirit of humility while at the same time are emboldened by the belief that God in us can do anything.

  4. Leading with Beauty: Beauty breaks down barriers. Many women peek into a parish hall but then head straight out for coffee. When we create an attractive environment, those same women pause and wonder what’s going on. All feel cared for when leaders make this kind of effort, and for many, it’ll be the only time in the week that someone does something special just for them. In the words of Bishop Barron, “Beauty awakens the imagination and begins the process of evangelization.”

  5. Attention to Detail: Walking with Purpose leaders are dedicated to the small necessary tasks because of our belief in the big picture of God’s plan. Much of the work that is done is hidden and often seems insignificant, but we recognize that it all matters. Jesus deserves our best, not our sloppy efforts. Perfectionism is the enemy, but so is mediocrity.